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Originally Posted by designationxr377 View Post
Y I do NOT stand by Kirk's comments on just leaving the Foundry "as is" and no longer updating,
I'm just saying, "what the crap?" Season 6 was to be this massive foundry update and what did we get? Season 7 gave us... what exactly?

I'm tired of even hoping. What, in terms of an update, did we get to match the impact of the bugs that an update brings? What is more dramatic? The actual bugs or the actual features that an update brings. Sure, an update with no real features would probably be as bad as season 4.

At some point it is ridiculous. Wow. some UI changes and some features rescinded. Thank you devs for breaking our missions.

Maybe season 8 will bring us a 3-d editor that is too buggy for release until season 11. But, sorry, all costumes defaulted to TNG Klingon sashes. And, sorry gang, your invis objects no longer work... but don't worry, season 9 will be a UBER BIG FOUNDARY UPDATEZ including assets!


There will be nothing in season 8 that remotely matches dstahl's wish-list. There will be no assets. There will be some random feature addition that nobody asked for, complicated by new bugs, complicated by the fact that the new feature doesn't work, complicated by the fact that nobody plays our missions to care, and complicated by the fact that Cryptic's priorities will be focused on some new timer-based slot machine.

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