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11-23-2012, 11:32 PM
Originally Posted by havam View Post
a) kill you eng, roll a tac, see c)
b) wait for cryptic to balance classes and ships (hope you have a pensions fund)
c) fly and escort use DHC

d) just get used to being outdamged and healed by everything around you and enjoy flying your favorite ship. nothing wrong with it in PvE. Should you ever venture into PvP....see a)

e) I would drop the aft torp, use a quant up front for PvE is ok, full on beamboat is still viable. I prefer the enemy neutralisation kit on ground for my eng.
You know, I feel bad scoring first place in Gorn Minefield 4 different times today. With my engineer in a tac odyessey. It isn't just the FaW spam, but also my ability to get around the map quickly while everyone else chugs along slowly in RED ALERT.

You know, I feel bad when a real tank isn't present in a space stf. I know first hand how much more those one shot torps, cutting beams, and DEM powered crits have taken the tankiness away from escorts. My Tac escort use to nose rub Borg Cubes and Gates with impunity, but those days are gone.

Saying an engineer/cruiser is a wasted spot in pvp is debatedable. Saying an Engineer/cruiser is a waste in pve is downright laughable.