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11-24-2012, 12:12 AM
The whole concept of this thread implies that the devs actually listen to the criticisms made by the general community. In general this does not appear to be the case. Have a look at a few of the suggestion threads, a good majority of the issues suggested nearly two years ago are still being suggested by a good number of players while the devs haven't even acknowledged that they have seen these suggestions, much less that they actually plan to work on them. The only things the devs seem interested in working on are quick cash grabs and limiting the ability of F2P players to get any of the endgame content by working for it. There hasn't been any significant free content released in ages, or at least none that are generally noticeable or alter game play in some noticeable fashion.

If it seems like I'm bashing the devs a lot, it's because maybe at least it will get some notice. While I understand they need to make a living and pay CBS for the rights to basically everything Star Trek, I really don't see a reason to make us pay for practically all new content. The worst part about all of this is that they are ruining a perfectly good game by aggravating their player base with cash grabs and a lack of real interest in their own game past extorting as much money as possible from it.