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I'm curious, for both space and ground, what are the highest, constant (without using something like APA), amount of critical chance you can get?

With the new rep items and bonuses coming out, including ones proccing based on crits, I thought this would be a good thing to bring up.

From what I've read and such, it seems that about 9% will be the rough maximum, without including Acc-overflow and weapon modifiers for space.

On the ground...

It seems to have more critical bonuses, so I might forget some:

Up to 2.5% for skills (mostly tactical ones), 3% from the Lucky trait OR 4% if using Dumb Luck on a Pakled (they can't stack), 3% from a rep bonus, plus 10% if using a Fleet Integrated Targetting Armor.

All together, I believe that is... 18.5% (19.5% if using a Pakled) chance, again, not adding in buffs possibly along with ground weapon modifiers.

I could be forgetting some though, for space or ground.