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Originally Posted by rezking View Post
I doubt you play STF at all
IF you did play and wanted a challenge, just remove your MACO/Omega/KHG/Borg equipment and fire up a Tier 3 or 4 ship
There you go...instant challenge without begging for more insane 1 shot kills.

For the rest of us, the MAJORITY of us, we liked the pre-Season 7 STF gameplay.
You know, when having the best equipment meant being nearly equal to the Borg.
Sure they're big and bad.
But, with our exclusive Mk XII equipment in our favourite Tier 5 ship, we should be just as nasty as our assimilated counterparts

THAT is fun.
THAT is what WE want from E-STF missions.
If you want a tougher game, use a tier 3 ship.

I want to face-off with a Tac Cube, alone, and stand a slight chance of reducing it to it's individual parts.
Instead of the 200k damage invisi-kills we are subject to, now.
That's not challenge, it just ruins STF play.
I've only did about 500 or so eSTFs, so nah... I don't play them.

I'm not going to stop using the equipment and ships I worked hard for so you can bunny hop your way through easy content because your so awful at the game that you can't handle the content that is already extremely easy.

If you want an easier game, learn to play instead of being so damned terrible.

If you understood game mechanics and how to cycle your defensive cool downs and tac team you'd never get one-shot by anything other than completely avoidable stuff (ie heavy plasma, donatra, etc)

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