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I like being able to farm Infected for Marks and dil. I hated the old system because the other instances KEPT FAILING. I could not get any other piece except the shield. Which was actually very adequate pre-S7, and so was rightly nerfed.

I now run eSTFs with my fleet exclusively just for the accolade. Once I'm done with that I'm never going near non-Infected STFs ever again. I just grind Infected, Mine Trap, Gorn Mine, and a FA, doffing for the rest of the time.

I am glad I can progress through all my content in this manner and not have to meet with FAIL PLAYERS.
we were talking about stfs .If you dont like them or you dont know how to play them then its simple ....dont play them .You can get your purple pokemon epohh and elite players can get a mk XII armor or space set.Each will have his own stuffs for his own way of playing the game.

The communistoid system that everyone has to have the most elite stuffs sucks.If you dont like nor dont know how to play a elite stf you should not have elite mk XII stf gear...thats simple and very logic.If you can buy evrything then theres no reason to play .If theres no reason to play then why the heck would you even buy ?

weird thing is you can buy a maco XII set but you cant buy a purple epohh without alot of work ...that makes purple epohhs more rare than elite stuffs

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