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11-24-2012, 02:25 AM
Just wanted to update this...

So I actually used my other computer, rarely use it for gaming but its a solid built pc, anyways installed a fresh copy of startrek online on it, though had some issues at the start "to other issue threads going on" where the patcher wouldnt patch the launcher and kept getting disconnects ect. Finally after a few trys it worked and patched it. I have prob the best speed I can get with broadband, so it only took a few minutes to patch sto.

Got into sto and again to my surprise.. kept getting a few server disconnects/not connected to server issues, lots of ruberbanding ect.. it was pretty much a nightmare. Iam not sure why others arent experiencing this "as in alot of folks" but yeah for some reason Iam having alot of issues with the game since recently, think it was just after last patch it all started.

Hopefully we get a server stability patch sooooon
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