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Originally Posted by tenkari View Post
though with the subsystem power skills your likely not going to want to go into the red unless its the flat bonus to all systems, even then likely not as much since i think the last three skill points dont net that much of a return, like maybe 2 points max?

i personally think its best to have 6 max in any skill i'd rather be flexible rather than stuck in one roll.

I agree wholeheartedly for your sentiment of not being stuck in one role, and it's something that I've made a point to try to avoid with my toons.

However, the main point of this reply would be the power skills. Going into the red with them is not just expensive, it's almost an outright waste.

The base power boost for Warp Core Potential is, per system:

Bonus = (StatPoints / 20)

Each rank in the green gives 18, yellow gives 10, and red gives 5. As such, with 6 ranks (+84 stat points), we get a grand total of +4.2 power per subsystem. Now, let's go to the full 9 ranks, for an additional 6000 points. This gives us +99, which comes in as a whopping... 4.95. Not even a full point boost for 6000 points. Granted, it goes to all systems, but nevertheless, wow.

Now, the subsystem performance results are a little bit better, at least so long as you're talking about per system. Their calculation is:

Bonus = (StatPoints / 10)

So with 6 ranks (+84), you get 8.4 extra power points for that specific subsystem. 9 ranks (+99) predictably gives 9.9 power points. This is for an additional 7500 to 9000 points, depending on the subsystem. Pretty dang expensive.

So in short, for at least the power abilities, it isn't just silly, it's crazy, to put that kind of "weight" into it.

To the OP who asked the question in the first place: My OVERALL advice in general is, don't go into the red unless you're absolutely mad for a skill (e.g. you absolutely must have every last scrap of power for weapons, regardless of the consequences to other stats), or unless it's at Lt. or Lt. Cmdr and is an essential skill you'll use all the time. These are the basic attack and defense skills (ship and ground weapons and shields, and ship hull HP). This should nominally be held off until you're deeper into the leveling system so you know you have some points to spare. The primary exception to this rule is for people who super minmax, and most of those people are all about PvP, wherein a few ranks of a particular stat point may mean the difference between constant victory and constant defeat. Unless this is the case for you, though, it's just too expensive to try this, and it almost certainly will lock you into one or two roles. Some feel that this is the "correct" way to play the game and this behavior should be browbeaten into you along with other things (e.g. what ship to use), but I strongly disagree with these sentiments.

So long story short, unless you know what you're doing, or it's a cheap skill you'll use all the time, going into the red is probably a bad idea.