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11-24-2012, 03:41 AM
Thanks to everyone for your advice and info!

I've ultimately decided to go with getting an Atrox, mainly because I had money to burn and the ship is quite pretty. Also, I'm working on a Sci toon, and having an account-level unlock will give him more options when I get up in levels, as opposed to getting a character-only Recluse.

I also decided against the Recluse because I want a Mobius (or Wells), and I figure that if I want to spend 3 years worth of accumulated EC on something (I grind very slowly), I may as well use it on a ship I'm reasonably sure I'll have fun playing in, something I can't necessarily say for carrier-style play.

With that in mind, does anyone have suggestions for an Atrox build? Right now I've transplanted some of my old cruiser/SV equipment while figuring out what to do, and here's what I've got:

Weapons: (I plan to switch to polarized tetryons or phased disruptors when I can)
Fore: 1x Wide-Angle Quantum, 2x Phaser Array Mk XI (borg)
Aft: 2x Phaser array mk xi (borg), 1x Tricobalt Mine

Shield/Engine/Deflector: Full MACO Mk. XI (also have full Borg, full Jem'Hadar, full Breen, and Omega Shield/Engines)

Eng: 1x Neutronium (rare mk xi), 1x Ablative (purple mk xii), 1 RCS Accelerator (or Resonance Cascade console from the Steamrunner)
Sci: Borg Console, 2x Field Generator, 1x Shield Emitter Amplifier (purple mk xii)
Tac: 2x Phaser Relay (to be replaced with appropriate damage console later)
Hangar: 1x Purple Danubes, 1x Purple Peregrines (may go all-danube/Peregrine for STFs)


Cmd Sci: Transfer Shield I, Haz. Emitter II, Viral Matrix I, Grav Well III
LtC Sci: Polarize hull I, Tyken's Rift 1 (might replace with Haz Em II), Transfer Shield III
Lt Tac: Tactical Team I, Fire At Will II
LtC Eng: Emer. Power Shields I, Reverse Polarity I, Emer. Power Shields III

Any suggestions? I'm also open to more exotic builds.