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11-24-2012, 03:44 AM
Originally Posted by romuzarii View Post
Well from a certain point of view, having 5 dedicated players is cheating. Har har har.

I think the point being made is, you're not going to win going in guns blazing. The test is designed to slap you silly for thinking standard. One does not simply beat the NWS. One must out smart it. You do that by not grouping randomly via the public cues. This, from a certain point of view, is "cheating" and thereby mimics Kirk's achievement as far as I am concerned. You don't wait for life to hand you a win. You take matters into your own hands and get the win.

This is the catch so to speak for beating the NWS. You must cheat aka form your own group and do it privately to have a chance to win. In other words, finally a end game event where it basically requires you to be social and dependent on others to win a battle. It's been long overdue for this game. I guarantee we will never see a random PUG in the NWS win. Ever. Unless it gets nerfed so people can feel better about themselves sucking.
Lols erm I don't know if I'd go 'that' far with exploits. In canon terms a premade is like any captain choosing his officers, those he can work with and can do their job you don't just pick any random person.

That said some can say using an exploit is in the spiit of Kirk but in the real world passing on those exploits to anyone other than Cryptic is a no no and should be reported and then it's up to Cryptic to fix them. Also abusing them in pvp and ruining the experience for others I'll agree is wrong butat least in pve the damage is limited.