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Originally Posted by titus1608 View Post
If you do it while you do the "New Romulus: Mountain base" Mission its not too hard to find.

My problem is that I cant finish the Mountain base Mission.

I killed and used everything on the way to the top and there is nothing left except for using the shuttle (again) and a device which I can examine which says its a subspace scattering device.

The Mission goal is "Disrupt Tal Shiar Operations" and for that I need to

- subdue Tal Shiar Agents
- disable communication array
- free Prisoners (4/4)
- disable Generator
- uncover Tal Shiar Plans

The last 4 of the 5 are green and done, but "subdue Tal Shiar Agents" won't finish and there is no one to kill left and there is no way of getting out of the instance...not at the end not at the beginning.
And if I use the transporter to get out of there I have to do the instance again and the second time it would finish either.
Same here....what gives?

Attempted mission several times both KDF & Fed, same result.
Read through and red again this thread and nothing of any help here, how come some claim that they have completed it? and what did they do/change to allow successful completion?