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11-24-2012, 05:40 AM
I curtinally see reason on what Cryptic/PWE had put on the table, willing to give a chance to reward a Author's work. But they don't know what the Author will do, since we are not exactly apart of the Dev team.

I don't speak for all, I know that.

As an Author, I curtinally take what I do in the foundry seriously and put my best into what I do. I also look forward for the opertunity for my work to be spotlighted. I don't want to change my work to make myself look bad, when it is spotlighted.

Maybe the level of trust between the Cryptic and the Authors may be the issue.

I run a business from home doing IT and also a front of house sound engineer, with 15 years of experience in the entertainment industry, including being a producer with curtin events. Even though it is a different field, it is sumular in approach. We both require to have people in seats, to generate a income.

We are bound to have players give us one stars, but we all know we can't please everyone. Even if we are a Dev making content or a Author making foundry missions.

But getting back on topic.

So maybe Cryptic need to have some trust in the author, just as much as the Author needs to be accountable for his actions.

If there is everdence that a Aurthor has broken the trust you have put apon him with spotlighting his or her work, then may he or she be made accountable for the actions and have the foundry mission removed from the spotlight and/or banned from the foundry.

Making a spotlighted foundry mission frozen is very heavy handed, makes it like you can't trust us. Would you like it if we don't trust the Devs with making a feature episode? It might be a bad example, but it does have meaning.