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OOC: Sorry, I've been kinda busy the last few days... but... I'M BACK!

*Iconia System. As Cole's fighter comes out of warp, he sees a massive fleet of Republic, Romulan, Klingon, and even a few Starfleet Ships. The IRW Kaleb (Darov's Scimitar) is in formation with two other Scimitars and the IRW Fokran (The Romulan Loyalist Flagship). The U.S.S. Excalibur is leading the Starfleet ships while a Klingon Bortasqu' leads the Klingon ships.

The entire Allied fleet comes to 1276 starships, most under repair.*

Vala *over comm.*: Fokran to Director Cole, you are cleared to dock.

*DS61, Conference room 7 (MOCC). Sam is standing in front of the viewscreen while Republic Military Command, consisting of Admiral Taran (Republic Navy, Police Division), Admiral Forest (Republic Navy), General Stark (Republic Marine Corps, Assault Operations), General Russ (Republic Marine Corps), General Stewart (Republic Fighter Corps), General Sanders (Republic Planetary Defence Forces (Army)), and Director Ryan Allington (Civilian Director of MOCC) hang on her every word as she goes over an attack strategy to take the Lanco System, the rebels' frontline supply base for the Tarod Sector.*

Admiral Forest: A bold plan, Captain, but you appear to be forgetting that Lanco is their Primary Supply Base for their frontline operations.

General Russ: It would be suicide for a fleet of ships to even attempt to take Lanco, given our recent losses.

Sam: But this time they won't see it coming. Every time we've tried to push forward, they've gotten forces there just in time to intercept us. But, this time we haven't got a leak to tell them where we're going to attack.

Forest: And how long do you think that will last?

Sam: No one in the fleet needs to know where we're going until we're in position. Look, all I need is 500 ships.

Forest: It might be worth more to pull out of the Romulan situation altogether.

Sam: What?

Ryan: Sam. *Turns to Forest* Admiral, her strategy will work, it just needs... adjusting.

If she takes 750 ships, plus 2 detachments of Assault Ops. Troopers, she can take the base and fortify it quickly. I know the Lanco System. It's isolated. Once our ships were in position it would take the rebels a week to work their way through the nebulae and into the base perimeter. And, intel indicates that the base's defences are being upgraded in one week. We'll never get a better opportunity to take Lanco than then.

Sam: If I leave immediately, I can be ready to attack by the time that their base starts the upgrade.

Forest: I'm still not convinced.

Russ: 750 ships, to take one base?

Stark: They're right. We'll never get a better chance than this. You have my support, Captain.

Taran: And mine.

Stewart: I'll be in the car.

Ryan: Very well. All in favour?

*Stark, Taran, Stewart, Russ, and Ryan raise their hands.*


*Forest raises his hand.*

The vote is 5-to-1 in favour. The attack on Lanco will go ahead as planned.

If there's nothing else?

*A couple of seconds pass.*

Then this meeting is adjourned. Captain, can you wait a moment?

*Everyone but Sam and Ryan leave.*

Well, you've grown so fast. I remember when you were just a baby.

Sam: It's been a long time.

Ryan: Yes it has. Look, Samantha...

Sam: Grandpa, I don't need to hear what you don't need to say.

Ryan: That's Great-Grandpa to you.

Look, I know that nothing I can say or do can bring your father back, but I just want you to know that... he'd be proud to see you where you are right now.

Sam: Commanding a Police ship?

Ryan: No, ticking off Republic Command.

*Sam suppresses a laugh, instead allowing her face to light up with a smile.*

Soval called. He asked me about you.

Sam: What did you say?

Ryan: That you still remember how to forgive. If Tara didn't kill your father, then I'm sure that we both want to know who did.

Sam: What's going to happen to her?

Ryan: That's up to you. She's got underworld contacts that most Republic Operatives don't. You could use her.

Or I could send her to Republic Intelligence.

Sam: I'll take her.

Ryan: Alright. T'mar's on her way to the Republic. I figured you could use her since your Security Chief was killed in your last battle.

Sam: Fine. Anything else?

Ryan: No, that will be all, Captain.

*Sam turns to leave the conference room.*

I meant what I said, Sam. Richard would be proud of you. God knows me and your Grandfather are.

*I.R.W. Fakron. As Cole's fighter is tractored into the Hangar Bay, Vala and Darov stand ready to greet him.*

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