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For STF's, I know little about this impact on it, but I think others will.

The Subspace Snare... It has a range of 7.5 KM, so you already need to be in battle with your intended target for it to work. Then activate and wait two secs, then boom = Borg Sphere with disabled engines 4KM in front of you (Subspace Decomplier increases that duration a bit)

As for the Enhanced Tactical Systems, you have +12 to Projectile damage, your Accuracy stat and your energy weapon critical hit chance + severity. This translates to an extra 3 red bars to those skills... in addition to a +0.5 turn rate, which will help; and a 25% reduction on the cooldowns of the Bortasqu' consoles (translates to 4 mins from 5 for the Snare and BOP, and 2 mins 24 secs from 3 mins for the Autocannon, at least last time I looked at the stats).

Is it worth using? I personally think so, as I'm using the Bortasqu' set myself and loving it (though I prefer the Command cruiser; thank you sale). Getting all three would allow you to use those abilities more often, which definitely sounds like fun But it's up to you
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