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Originally Posted by skyranger1414 View Post
Inexperience has a significant effect. What you want to do is to get to a point where you can balance out holding agro, survivability, and damage dealing. My own cruiser tends to be the least survivable it needs to be while still managing to hold agro, everything else goes into DPSing. Unless its an emergency I always keep my weapon power maxed out.
Try parking your cruiser and trying out a beam array escort. Watch your capability to hold agro increase, loose no tanking capacity, and your DPS increase. You can even pack AP x2 to really help out those DPS machines of the group hit even harder. Or even jump into a Science Vessel and slap in a few shield regen consoles and see what happens. In reality the +skill science consoles are fairly weak sauce and not needed for most Sci abilities.

What your doing has very little (nearly nothing) to do with the ship hull and instead your boff abilities and flying style. The abilities being Epower to Shields 1, Hazard Emitters, and possibly another pair of tank abilities.