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Originally Posted by unangbangkay View Post
Thanks to everyone for your advice and info!
With that in mind, does anyone have suggestions for an Atrox build? Right now I've transplanted some of my old cruiser/SV equipment while figuring out what to do, and here's what I've got:

Weapons: (I plan to switch to polarized tetryons or phased disruptors when I can)
Fore: 1x Wide-Angle Quantum, 2x Phaser Array Mk XI (borg)
Aft: 2x Phaser array mk xi (borg), 1x Tricobalt Mine

Cmd Sci: Transfer Shield I, Haz. Emitter II, Viral Matrix I, Grav Well III
LtC Sci: Polarize hull I, Tyken's Rift 1 (might replace with Haz Em II), Transfer Shield III
Lt Tac: Tactical Team I, Fire At Will II
LtC Eng: Emer. Power Shields I, Reverse Polarity I, Emer. Power Shields III

Any suggestions? I'm also open to more exotic builds.
I don't have an atrox, but I've spent quite a bit of time in the Vo'Quv, and there are a couple of issues you may have with your build;

Carriers turn very slowly so positioning is very important - because many of the high level sci abilities have a 90 degree aim arc (grav well and viral matrix in your build + subnucleonic beam) - you could never combine these abilities well with broadsiding in a carrier as you will be doing rubbish damage with no sci abilities, or sci abilities with even worse DPS.

I've tried a few different weapon loadout configs (different combos of beam,dual beam,cannon,dual heavy cannon and turret) with the Vo'Quv, and my loadout of choice is 1 dual beam bank + 2 single cannon fore and 3 turrets rear - with the ship directly facing the enemy - this gives me maximum uptime on the big sci abilities, weapon dps, subsystem targetting and procs from the weapons with the BOP carrier pets providing kinetic damage from their torpedo attacks. Tractor beam is in invaluable for holding targets in your arc/tykens etc.

Don't be stingy with the Doffs - a blue/purple grav scientist and systems engineer will make your grav well and viral matrix abilities much more potent.

There isn't a correct build, but you really need to stack your advantages and try to mitigate the low turn rate issue if you want your atrox to be fun to fly and effective in battle.