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11-24-2012, 09:37 AM
Adding to that, make use of reverse and/or evasive for turning and bringing your front arc to bear.

When I'm in my lazy mode and I'm flying a BC, I just advance on npc's and once I reach 10km, I cut speed to 1/4 and pop my tac buffs and go to town. If you keep on the nearest target in this way, you can usually clear two before they cut around you, or all 3 if you start reversing once they get to 4-5km's and just keep them in your front arc, using the frigates in the empire defense dailies as an example.

For bigger stuff, it's usually easy to just get to 1-2km and keep them in my front arc by cycling between reverse and 1/4 impulse.

If you want some help in-game then shoot me a message(@tetonica) and we can run some defense missions or something if we can get online at the same time.
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