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Originally Posted by hyprodimus View Post
And yes you can mount dual heavy cannons on the Atrox I just tried it. I dont know why you would ever want to.
Only if you decide to make it do heavy fire support but its marginal useful, I can see were it does work on STFs since its not as if you are not firing against stationary or slow moving targets.

Please dont put torpedoes on a carrier either. A kitten dies everytime a DHC or torps are put on a carrier. Kar'fi doesnt count, thats the best carrier in game. By "carrier" that means 2 hangar bays.
Torpedoes and mines are 0 energy weapons, I dont see why its a bad idea since you only need a beam weapons for sub-system targeting anyway and High Aux is required for carrier operations due to their Hangar timers and their Science abilities.

The Atrox is a support ship, the Stalker fighters are just debuffing harassment and the ship simply lacks the ability to deliver a killing blow, it also cannot turn so you end up with a crippled cruiser if you try to run as a beamboat since even the Galaxy can outmaneuver it.