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11-24-2012, 10:31 AM
Originally Posted by timelord79 View Post
Or, they don't care about maximum gaming efficiency as much and prefer an authentic Star Trek look over the most un-Trek like armaments the game offers as top DPS build.

Show me one ship firing in canon that even looks remotely like what we get if we load up with dual heavy cannons and chain rapid fire and scatter volley.
Not even the Defiant did it in that an extreme way and used beams on the rear instead of turrets.

I know, it boggles the mind that Star Trek fans play the game to enjoy the world of Trek instead of being ueber in PVP, right?
You know, I wouldn't even care if the same persons would not constantly complain over STFs being to hard for them and KDF being overpowered while they seem to believe that six beam arrays should kill everything on sight.