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Originally Posted by kirksplat View Post
Maybe I need to watch the first cutscene again. I didn't understand the conversation:

Advisor: "Sir, we need to crush the bad guys!"

Leader: "No, I disagree with you completely."

Advisor: "Yes, New Romulus needs a leader. You are that leader!"
Are you talking about the conversation between Obisek (the Reman) and D'Tan?

Because the gist is:

"We need to crush the bad guys."

"No. I'm a pacifist. We should embrace our enemies."

"Well, hey. I hate politics and taking a leadership role. Just point me where to fight if you want a hand. You lead."

"Okay. Spock, Spock, Spock is my hero, Spock."

But it's all character appropriate. D'Tan was a kid on TNG who admired Spock and was his student. Obisek is a Reman freedom fighter who likes fighting and is cool with anything that isn't slavery.

Obisek is a kind of Cincinnatus/George Washington/Malcolm X hybrid figure. D'Tan is kindof a Lincoln/Plato/Neville Chaimberlain hybrid figure.

Things probably won't go well for D'Tan personally if history is any indication although that doesn't bar some major accomplishments. Obisek will almost certainly end up with more leadership duties than he cares for if history is any indication.

The one thing that could save D'Tan's bacon, maybe, is us and our mysterious helper.

Basically, we've got a weak leader who is a good man and is opposed philosophically to strong leadership. And that's D'Tan. And he's in charge. And then we've got the freedom fighter who seems to continually have leadership thrust upon him and doesn't want it.

If the historical pattern holds, D'Tan will probably wind up dead. (Note that he's not visible in any social areas.) And Obisek will wind up as Praetor of the New Romulan Republic or whatever the Unificationists call themselves, dealing with internal strife due to a Reman soldier leading a majority Romulan political body.

But Trek can buck history sometimes. See: Picard/Riker. In real life, I tend to think a Picard would get killed, promoted, or reassigned to make room for a Riker but part of what makes Trek different is that they have a future where the Picard-type can stay over the Riker type. It's kindof a fantasy world where your Chamberlains are right and your Churchills need to learn their place as second in command. And I suppose that's true to some extent in stable societies or organizational structures where the number two in command is the attack dog and the chief is a peaceful negotiator with lofty goals and ideals.

But add a little instability and that model of leadership tends to fall apart.