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11-24-2012, 10:41 AM
Actually, I own the set, and the Subspace Snare does not work on all enemies. Mostly the biggest ones: Cubes, tac Cubes, Unimatrix ships, and possibly the Borg Queen. It'll work on anything else I know of though.

Treat the Subspace Snare like Saucer Seperation in a way, use it to counter the Bortas' slow turn rate by bringing an enemy right in front of you to fire at.

Snare does have a global cooldown with Subspace Jump, so beware. That said, Jump can also be extremely useful for the same reason.

The bonus I consider better than the Odyssey set bonus, because the defensive bonuses on the Ody don't make a huge amount of difference, but the Acc and crit bonuses can be much more useful in the long run IMO.

The Hoh'Sus isn't bad, it'll used Subspace Jump as well (though this usually means it'll be attacking an enemy with a shield facing up), along with CRP, THY, etc. Squishy, but it has it's nice bit of DPS.

The Autocannon is the real gem of the set though. That thing HURTS. In PvE, against large, slow or stationary targets.