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Ooc: I'm going to start a fed toon as well. Now.

At esd rear admiral Harper walks through the station as he heads for the dock

Harper: commander t'san how soon till the ship is ready?

T'san: we will be ready within the hour sir.

Harper: very good commander keep me posted if anything changes.

Harper soon walks over to te admirals offices and find vice admiral Serry.

Harper: so what troubles spot am I heading to this time.

Serry: iconia you will be taking the 108th tactical battle group and help Vala and te romulans retake there space from the rebels.

Harper: what about devlon 7. We are having our own rebel attacks in federation space.

Serry: they will be dealt with if they haven't by the time you ae done in Romulan space rheu will be all yours.

Harper: very well.

Harper soon arrives on the bridge of his ship the USS Valhalla a old but sturdy multi purpose science ship. That has been upgraded into a destroyer.

Harper sits down in his command chair.

Harper: all hands prepare for departure. We will leave all system in a few moments.