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Cole: none yet. Lets see after we are done if I do.
Vala: Very well.

The R.S.S. Republic is the Command Ship for the Allied Fleet, with the Fakron serving as the Romulan Command Ship, the I.K.S. Vorak as the Klingon Command Ship, and the U.S.S. Excalibur serving as the Federation Command Ship.

Officially, the Federation is staying out of the Romulan situation, but Captain Forest on the Excalibur was able to rally a few Captains to assist us. They'll probably be facing a Court Martial upon returning to the Federation.

My presence with the Allied fleet has done much to strengthen morale, but I have been asked to return to our field base on Iconia for my own safety.

That's where you come in. You have the frontline experience, so, if you'll accept, I'm appointing you as an Admiral in the Romulan Star Navy. Your assignment is to command our forces on the frontline.

Darov: It appears we'll be continuing to work together, John Cole.

Romulan Officer *Over Comm.*: All hands to Battle Stations! The fleet is moving out!

Vala: And it appears you're about to get into your first battle.

*Vala boards a shuttle which leaves the ship. Outside, 758 Romulan/Federation/Klingon/Republic Starships, led by the Republic, jump to warp on an unknown heading.*

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