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# 1 Warehouse Final Battle
11-24-2012, 12:14 PM
So, I've done the Warehouse a few times, and thought, hey, I wonder if I can get a different result by getting the jump on Madran?

I stationed my crew near the Romulan shuttle he uses to escape, and got the jump on him from the other side. He died, just before my BOFFs and I got wiped out.

Well, here's the relevant excerpts of the combat log:

[6:55] [Combat (Self)] Your High Density Proton Beam deals 88 Proton to Madran.

[6:55] [Combat (Self)] Your Bolt Setting deals 107 (81) Antiproton Damage to Madran.

[6:55] [Combat (Self)] Your Sniper Shot deals 280 (212) Antiproton Damage to Madran.

[6:55] [Combat (Self)] Your Bolt Setting deals 72 Antiproton Damage to Madran.
Yep, he went down in four shots. Sadly, this did not change the outcome of the mission - the shuttle got away, and nothing different happened as a result of Madran dying. I was almost hoping for an accolade. :p