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Cole and navar walk Ito the room.

Cole : so what's the plan
*The Republic's situation room has a long conference table (10 seats) with a fairly small Viewscreen on the walls at either end (keep in mind, the Republic was originally a Police Ship). There's a hologram in the centre of the table, almost encompassing the entire room, showing the 758 allied ships in the nebula and the Rebel Supply Base near the heart of the system. Sam and Captain Forest are present.*

Sam: Gentlemen, this is Captain John Forest, Commander of the Federation forces with us. Captain, this is Admiral John Cole and General Navar, of the Romulan and Klingon Empires, respectively.

Forest: A pleasure.

Sam: Now, here's the plan. On Lanco III, there's a Rebel Supply Base. It's the source of all their frontline supplies. The Lanco System is surrounded by nebulae which make Warp Travel impossible, as you saw. It's going to take us two days to get through the nebula and reach Lanco III.

Forest: Not a nice prospect.

Sam: On the contrary, that's the best advantage we could hope for. The Base relies on nearby ships for intelligence, unfortunately a squadron of our ships are heading for Romulus to take the system, thinking they're part of a two-pronged assault. Seemed like the best way to draw fool our leak. They'll be ordered to turn around by the rest of the fleet at Iconia before they get into trouble.

Forest: But, in the meantime, the Rebels think there's a major offensive heading for their homeworld.

Sam: Exactly. There's only a small garrison force guarding Lanco, and they have no idea we're coming. It'll take the rebels a week to get to Lanco thanks to the nebulae, by which time we'll have fortified our positions.

Forest: Now, hold on. You said it'd only take us two days to get to Lanco, and Romulus is only two days away. That means reinforcements would only take four days to arrive.

Sam: The Republic ships are generating a subspace field to increase the fleet's impulse engine efficiency in the Nebula. It'll take the Rebels four days to navigate through the nebula.

Forest: All right. Sounds good so far.

Sam: Any questions before I continue?

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