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Originally Posted by logang19 View Post
Cole: no please continue.

General navar : not yet.
Sam: Okay. Once we reach Lanco III, they're gonna send out a distress signal. Once they do, we have a little under a week to secure and fortify the planet, not necessarily in that order. We have two Battalions of Republic Assault Ops Troops with us to take the base.

Forest: Why not simply *imitates gun noise* bomb it from orbit?

*Sam smiles, trying to suppress her amusement.*

Sam: A, the base is buried in a mountain with Neutronium deposits. It would take us five days if we were to *imitates Forest's gun noise* "bomb it from orbit".

B, That base has enough supplies to restock the entire allied fleet three times over, plus the planet is rich in raw materials. It's worth more to us to take the base than to destroy it. Besides, the base is heavily defended already, they're defences are just about to go offline for an upgrade is all. We have a three day window to take the field camp for the engineers, so we'll bomb them from orbit.

Forest: Wait, what?

Sam: The camp's 2 miles north of the Main Base, and it has all the equipment the rebels will need to finish the upgrades.

Before you say it, Vala made sure the Romulan ships with us had the equipment so we could finish the upgrades ourselves once we took the base.

Forest: Alright, sounds good.

Sam: Once we take the base, we'll need to worry about Rebel encampments and garrisons scattered across the planet.

Forest: That's right, Lanco was one of the first planets to rebel.

Sam: They've done a good job building that base as quick as they did. The Dominion would be envious.

Forest: the one question I have is; why Lanco?

Sam: It's isolated - easier to defend when you know the enemy's coming.

Forest: But, as you said, they don't. The nebula's working in our favour now. It's like building a moat around a castle. Sure, it'll make defence easier, but it means you can't run away when you get overrun.

Sam: Nice metaphor.

Maybe the rebels didn't expect us to find them.

Bottom line, we need to take Lanco if we want to move forward.


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