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Cole: are they able to detect cloaked ships. Why no simply take a fleet of cloaked vessels in and land behind enemy lines.

Back at esd.

Harper has taken to the emergency response on esd as thousands of people have been killed and dozens of starship destroyed or crippled.

Lt. Tipt: sir we have gotten the station evacuated. But we have heard now of multiple hits throughout federation space.

Harper: informer the fleet to regroup. Recall all federation ships inside our space. See what is happening in Klingon space as well.

Lt. Tipt: yes sir.
Sam: The atmospheric disturbances would give away your position before you were able to land.

*Qonos' First City. There are small fires raging after a bomb exploded in the Transporter Bay, attempting to kill Chancellor Ja'ros, Son of Megh'bar. Ja'ros is now preparing to induct the Captain who saved him into the Order of Kahless.*

Ja'ros: Come forward Markon, Son of Jorpal.

*A young Klingon steps forward. He's wearing a traditional Klingon uniform with a Bat'leth on his back and a Mek'leth sheathed to the right side of his waist. He also has a disruptor pistol holstered to the left side of his waist. He's wearing a sash, decorated by the crests of the House of Martok and the House of Torpal, as well as the Medal of the Order of the Bat'leth.

Ja'ros pins the Medal of Kahless beneath the Medal of the Bat'leth, before taking a step back.*

Glory to you, and your House. *Salutes* Qapla'!

Markon: Long live the Empire!

*2 hours later. Markon is met by General S'vak of the KDF.*

S'vak: It is good to see you again, old friend!

Markon: And you, S'vak! What brings you to my humble home?

S'vak: You just received the Medal of Kahless! What more reason do I need to visit an old friend and ally to the House of T'rak?!

Markon: Then come! I have a case of bloodwine I've been saving for a special occasion! 2309! A very good year!

S'vak: Then I ask you hold on to it, old friend.

The truth is, Markon, I do need your help. The High Council is assigning me to lead our forces against the Romulan Rebels from this side of the Star Empire, and I know NONE of the warriors under my Command.

Markon: The honour is to serve!

S'vak: Thank you, old friend. I'll leave for the Qu'vat System tomorrow.

Markon: As will I. Qapla', Son of T'rak!

S'vak: Qapla', Son of Jorpal!

*S'vak leaves Markon's house and Markon moves to a comm. unit.*

Markon: Markon to I.K.S. Bat'rak.

Bat'rak Crew member *Over comm.*: Bat'rak here, Captain. What are your orders?

Markon: Prepare for departure tomorrow morning. We will be joining the 12th Fleet at Qu'vat.

Bat'rak Crew member *Over comm.*: Cha'vei!

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