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# 1 Help me be a better healer
11-24-2012, 02:31 PM
I love when there is a dedicated healer to back me up as an escort pilot, so I decided to return the favor and made a healboat myself. I'm using the Recluse KDF side. I've taken some tips I've gathered from various players here on the forums and in STO, but still think there's a lot I could learn. I'm basically looking for any tips you may have that could help me become a better healer.

Some tips I have implemented thus far is that I have moved my team tray closer to the center of the map so I don't have to divert my eyes from the field of battle. I also use the function keys to select the player I plan on healing, which is about 100x easier than finding and clicking on them in the field. Other than that I'm just kinda winging it.

For my pets I either use advanced shield repair drones or the normal recluse pets, depending on my mood and team.

Here's my build:

One thing that I may be able to improve with this is that I'm using 4 "team" abilities (TT1, ET1, ET2, ST3) which I realize overlap for their cooldowns. I am using them for different situations so it's not a huge problem, but the cooldown overlap issue definitely pops up from time to time and I figure there is probably a better way to go about things, I just don't know what it is.

Any and all tips welcome!