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11-24-2012, 01:42 PM
Yeah same problem for me. Worked fine until the season 7 update and now the game is crippled. I just started a few days earlier and am still on some earlier missions and the game is unplayable now. Oh well.

Originally Posted by otowi View Post
Sounds to me like most of you are using the integrated Intel graphics chip set. This is not really intended for gaming, I'm sorry to say.
It's good enough to run Skyrim on medium-ish settings, which is a newer, more powerful game with absolutely no issues whatsoever. There's no reason it shouldn't be able to run this. It's pretty obviously a bug in the new update.

I will try playing again in a month or so. If it hasn't been patched by then, I'll just uninstall the game. Too bad, because as a lifelong Star Trek fan this is a dream game for me. Was thinking about investing some $$$ for the bonus features, but stuff like this is... pretty off-putting.

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