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Vesta ships pack.= Overpriced.
All projects,personal,starbase and embassy.=Extremely Expensive.
Cost of projects then buying items after projects are done. Totally not fair.
The dilithium allowances are far too small,and we are forced to buy it,to get anywhere in this game.This is despite STO being a free game,so we are told.
Free game???? I think not.
It seems to me that the costs involved are getting worse,and it does not matter if a fleet is big or small. The prices generally are far too high.
I hope that Dan Stahl and Mr Branflakes themselves see this,and i hope they realise,that STO will lose people,as they will be priced out of this game.

This whole fleet idea was a big mistake,sadly there are many in fleets who don't bother contributing,and they sit back and do nothing most of the time,while others end up carrying them so to speak.
Personally if it were ever possible,i would run a fleet with just myself and duty officers as fleet staff. end result is more efficient progress and no arguements with other players in this game,about who contributes what and general costs etc.