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Hello! Anyone remember the epic RTS Homeworld? If you do, and your looking for a fleet we are the chaps for you!

Currently 5 active members, been around since this march and heading our way to tier 2. Given the enlarged dilithium costs of season 7, some other members suggested we take some new guys on.

Unfortunately, I accidentally set the fleet ships project that needs 200k to do, and at current were trying to do special projects (Helping to finish this is an insta rank boost)

Knowing about the lore of homeworld would be good, but isn't totally essential.

Here's our facility status:

Level: 3
Starbase: Tier 1 (With Room with a view completed + Transwarp enabled)
Shipyard: Tier 1 (15,500xp and 5 Ship provisionings)
Fabricator: Tier 0 (9500xp)
Coms Array: Tier 1 (19,500xp)

Hopefully your interested, and can help in speeding up our progress Post here if intersted, and/or Pm me in game (Latiasracer@latiasracer). We also have a cache of mirror ships, which are free to take!

See you in game!