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11-24-2012, 02:05 PM
I think Cryptic does what it can for money and in all cases it's not that bad; but when they're already selling Doff packs; up-pricing the doff grinding system is a bad move IMHO. I'll buy the ships, I'll buy the fleet mods, I'll buy the Doff packs, I'll buy the emotes and costumes + dilithium sometimes for fleet projects at times but to add another sink of dilithium; to doffs? Vicious and ruthless in my honest opinion at least... at it's current price it feels so.

Their ships? One time charge; you get to use it on any character you want so that's reasonable especially since you can use it on more than one. Be selective with your choices; be cunning.

I just don't feel anyone can be 'cunning' with the Doff grinding so over-priced.