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I think so the BACON keeps the bird moist and flavours her. .
Id think minced veg and bACON! under the skin.. bundles of Rosemary Sage in the Bird.. pan juices make stuffing o n the side is called dressing with herb butter BACON! veggies under skin and skin
painted with reduced Madeira Chery/port it gets a mahogany skin tone the meats moist

you can always Turkey De Vin.. same as French rooster dish.. and get a fat separator measuring cup .. keep trimmings off veggie for a veg stock broth. .some arrowroot to thicken gravy i think coriander and fennel..

or go Moroccan and Tandoor and take the India Curry and really exotic with a clean feather fan or jello mold turkey in cake mix for the head ..or peacock feather centerpiece
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