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11-24-2012, 02:30 PM
I like the idea of more variety of Hangar pets... but if they were to impliment this they should do it equally for the KDF AND the Feds....

Fed, I could see some NON cloaking pet along the same lines as the KDF Birds of Prey... again remember NON cloaking....

and the KDF could do with something that worked in a similar manner as the Danube Runabout...

as for the argument of the Feds should not have carriers I can see where the argument can be made for the feds to not have the carrier or carrier like ships in STO... but the Box has been opened and you cant exactly go back now... so we might as well get used to the pet spam and accept the fact that both sides have carriers... sure the KDF has 2 dedicated carrier while the feds have the 1 but really its not like the kdf has anything like the armatage or vesta.....
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