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11-24-2012, 03:36 PM
A) I don't see why not, but even with a guaranteed consolation prize ala Leviathan99's suggesting in another thread plus getting my zen back in full, I'd be hard pressed to actually pledge anything. I prefer to give my money for something I can use quickly than in the hopes something comes of it in the future (which incidentally is why I'm not great with money, but that's neither here nor there).

B) In rough order of desire: Romulan faction; KDF completion; new adventure zones such as a pair of mini-adventure zones on Risa and Rura Penthe, a Ferenginar adventure zone, or a Deferi adventure zone.

C) I could drop $50 if you could convince me that a Rom or finished KDF faction would be very likely to happen. $25 for adventure zones, too, same deal.

D) First instinct? Dilithium booster/refiner granting a flat 20% extra gains of Dil up to 10000 and allowing an extra 500 a day to be refined with charges in increments of 5 that will be given based on how much you donated. For example, if you pledged $1-$5, you get a 5-charge, $6-$10 gets a 10-charge, all the way up to a 100-charge refiner.

Second instinct, outfits. Canon stuff that wouldn't normally be done for C-Store, like all those nice TOS ladies' outfits, some one-off men's outfits like that skin-tight jumpsuit thingy from Schizoid Man, and possibly some smaller things like belts and combadges and maybe a collar/necklace thing for smaller donations.