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I haven't been playing this game very often and I am way behind in season 2! Well, at least now I am in the middle of it. And I would like to catch up to players all the way in season 7. But I don't know how to do that or what is the best way to get to that level. I keep thinking by the time I get to season 7 season 9 will be released by then. What should I do to improve?
Season 7 was a revamping of end the game STFs and creating a new end game side advacement system for max level (50) characters. The Reputation sytems in accessed via U -> Reputation tab. You need Marks of the faction of the Reputation system is for. You do Borg STF and Fleet Alerts for Omega Fleet Rep. And the new Tau Dewa sector missions and New Romulus Ground for New Romulus Reputation.

For anything else read the release notes for .