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11-24-2012, 04:17 PM
Just a few games back, a true bona fide "STF Elite" (L0L) player rage quit on the team on Infected Space.

I swear this guy spent more time typing than firing his BEAMS.
Yeah...the creme de la creme...the top 1% of the STF pile...was pew-pew-pewing in an Odyssey beamboat.

It started off like "k noobs get gens to 10% then wait for me" then peeled off and sat out of harm's way.
So with shields melting to nothing and ships going boom, he shared his very incredibly valuable experience:
"stop dying noobs get some skills"

At one point:
"rez stop running away and kill them"
I took 2 plasma torps from hell that put my hull in the 20's and the flames eating the rest.

So, even though the "10% strategy" doesn't work anymore (imo) we got the gens to 10% and this guy comes swooping in.
I guess he was going to use some type of superweapon/ability that only the very best of the best get at his Elite level to destroy all 4 gens at once (as the 10% strategy dictates).
For some reason, which shall forever remain a mystery for the ages, out of the near infinite directions he can make his run from he picks a high angle approach from the top of AND IN THE RANGE OF the "Devil's Gate".
So named because of the 1 shot kills it hands out it did to our STF hero.

I watched the whole thing while I was regen'ing my hull.
It was beautiful.
"wtf noobs kill the spheres"
It wasn't a TOTALLY disasterous run...he managed to take out 1 generator and damage the transformer.

"insert insults here" and rage quit.

It was funny, but it's the WORST experience in STF I've had because there are no elite players.
Just people who tricked themselves into thinking they are.
It's a TEAM effort.
Most of you "elitists" have forgotten that.
Want proof?
Run Khitomer Space Elite by yourself and find out.


The recent changes to Borg damage is ruining STF play.
It's just not fun anymore.

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