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Consider the Mirror Vor'cha instead of the normal one. You lose an ensign tactical and gain an ensign science. Low-level science slots are a virtual gold mine for a cruiser, because they're filled with great survivability-enhancing abilities.

If you throw an RCS console onto a Vor'cha you shouldn't be overtaking the target on a regular basis. Get on their six and stay there. If you're flying past everything constantly it's because your throttle is jammed at 100%, not because you lack turning rate. You're a cruiser: you won't spontaneously explode if you slow down.

And with dual heavies, also consider throwing on a copy of Auxiliary to Inertial Dampener. This ability recently got a nice buff, in that it lasts for 15 seconds with a 30 second cooldown. It provides a big boost to your turn rate and has 50% up time. You also fly somewhat faster and gain some kinetic resistance. (just watch out because Vor'cha on Aux2Damp drifts like it's on ice).

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For engineers, I recommend the Negh'var. Yes it has an extra ensign slot for engineering and that could be seen as somewhat useless, it is a sturdy ship
Negh'var gets you 10% more hull. Realistically, if you're down to 10% hull you're alive by pure LUCK not the strength of your ship. It has a third ensign engineer slot, which is useful I guess if you want to run E-team 1 and 2 copies of EPTW1 in the "Dragon build" configuration, but consider that you also give up 10% of your turn rate compared to the Vor'cha and either an ensign tactical (tac team for shield balancing? torpedo spread?) or an ensign science (Hazard emitters? Polarize hull? Tractor beam? TSS?).

I'd say Negh'var is better if you're going to go Dragon, but for everything else, the higher agility and more flexible boff slots on the Vor'cha twins is the better pick.

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