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11-24-2012, 04:55 PM
I've had a few people ask me some questions I will answer here.

Q: You seem to be focusing a lot on M.A.C.O.'s in Starfinder, why do you do this, and does it make the series "less Trek"?

A: Intentional. I served personally in the United States Army, and I feel that Enterprise did a good thing in introducing the closest thing to "Troops" Star trek has had in the franchise.

Gene Roddenberry wanted a Utopia view of the future. Obviously DS9 is popular for "defying" this view by it's creator, perhaps because sometimes a genius idea person cannot foresee all the possible angles his or her creation can stretch in the paradigm given to the viewers.

I believe there is "much" to explore from the point of view of a "Starfleet grunt". The soldiers of Starfleet are the centurions of Rome; they represent the warriors who do the dirty work that their Utopian Federation would rather not "recognize" as being a necessary evil in their body of ideals.

Not everyone on a Starship can be an officer, it's like having a kitchen full of cooks and not one dishwasher or bus boy. We have had a very bias view of the way Starfleet runs things on a ship, but there always has to be an underdog element that is both crucial and overlooked and often mis credited in any successful organization.

Q: Some parts of the STO official story lore is vague such as the status of the Fed/KDF war. How do you plan to address these issues?

A: Episode 3 in fact,. deals with the very question of what the hell is going on with the Fed/Kdf war/truce? How does it impact ships in the "outback" of Starfinder who run into one another?

I will be addressing the story issues Cryptic has left dangling, while not "assuming" any liberties that may turn out to be mistaken and create discontinuity issues. if that makes sense.

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