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Thanks everyone.

Originally Posted by nynik View Post
You did a great job at capturing what should have been emphasized in the official season release video - actual exploration without losing the action! How long did it take to create Starfish? I'm happy to see your still making awesome vids (following on from those starship/space ones)!
It took me about 4 days on and off. I don't know if it was because it's a new location or not, but Demo Record playback kept crashing, probably only about 60% of the recordings I made would actually open, which is highly unusual. So it took longer than it could have done, still, I very much enjoyed setting up the shots and camera sweeps that I did manage to get. And that piece of music is just awesome.

There was just so much to capture, I still don't think I have completely done the location the justice it truly deserves, and I still haven't explored everywhere.

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