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Originally Posted by lewstelamon01 View Post
Last I checked, LOTRO is still going quite strong. SWTOR can't pull the massive following required to stay P2P. WoW is limited F2P, in case you hadn't noticed.

And, agian, you missed my point: EVE and WOW can afford to remain P2P because they have (1) a massive following and (2) have a staff and budget entirely dedicated to that project because they are the ONLY MMO made by their respective studios.

Your argument fails.
wow since when did you work for wow to know what shape they are in or eve sorry dude but your argument fails for you or i have not showing any thing to prove sto is failing or wow or eve

but again do they math of 14.99 and 10 mill paying and not to say 10mill buying there 40 xpack sorry but if wow gose f2p that 10 years down the rode for they have a big enuff player base to keep them going for a long time can sto really say that? game takes 1 year to get out a grindy rep system ? that most of the player base but the few CDer hated it you think sto doing so good you need to look around ya

but hey i have no life or job i can keep this up all day can you?
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It's not their fault you feel trolled by the new ability to be immune to your disco ball, sorry'boutit.