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11-24-2012, 06:33 PM
What do I have to pay for? I haven't spent a dime since the tholian lock box came out. Really, I've spent something like $40 on this game during the past year, and that $40 was due to having fun gambling with the lockboxes.

I don't feel the need to spend money for virtual goodies in a game where there is ultimately nothing really to do with those goodies. Hence, they only matter in your head because you want them.

You don't need any of it. It's pointless in the end. So, I just try to enjoy the game, well... whatever is left of it.

Just stop caring about some rare purple thingy that doesn't really have a noticeable effect on your gameplay, beyond taking you 4 or 5 seconds less to kill some mob.

The game is free to play. You don't have to pay for anything. And that doesn't bother me when the stuff is just stuff.

But if you are obsessed with some kind of uber rare thingy that adds mostly something cosmetic to your toon.... and if you feel some sense of entitlement to getting that thingy, then I could see why stuff feels expensive.

That tier 3 or 4 starbase. That sure is a pretty penny, that offers almost nothing that you can't do at ESD except maybe some new store goodies that add cosmetics and other things that make the game easier. And you get to look at plants or something.

Just stop caring about the purple junk and the game is completely free. Or, if you really do care about that purple stuff, work for it or pay for it.

Or better yet, just stop grinding if you don't enjoy grinding. Play some foundry for the stories. Stop caring about the worst aspects of this game and care about the good parts that are left, even if you don't get some virtual goodie for having fun.

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