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Originally Posted by p2wsucks View Post
Don't play that role much myself, but I'd try something like:

EPtA, Aux2Batt, ES2 or Aux2Sif, ES3 or Aux2Sif3




ST1, TSS2 or HE2, HE3 or TSS3

While high level ST is nice imo the resists of TSS3 or HE3 would be better. Aux2batt should knock near 15 sec off the TSS or HE cooldowns (45 * .7 = 31.5). PH should help keep you from being pushed away by TBR iirc.
I don't think Aux2bat is a good idea for a healer since it drops your aux power down to 5, which is what most heals are based on. PH could be good. I have noticed sometimes people will push me away from the team just to keep me from giving heals, which is pretty smart by them. And the Recluse is not the most agile ship so it takes a while to get back into the fray.

Edit: On second thought, doesn't polarize hull just negate the damage of TBR? I don't think it does anything to counter the push power. I could be wrong as this is not a power I usually run.

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