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Originally Posted by daan2006 View Post
and i agree to all that but with a but how long can sto go with only geting out real content ones a year and now add what story to a fleet base aka rep system really i got to spend 2 + months to what get a 20 mins if that of story how is that fun the grind this rep system going to have me doing makes wow look less grindy and that is saying something i play more halo4 now because of the rep system for the last 2 season we have goting more grind system then real story
You can get 20 minutes of story within 20 minutes right now, if 80% of the Foundry missions weren't broken.

I get it though, nobody cares about story these days, or else maybe the main sto forum might be just a tad upset that 80% of Foundry missions are broken.

It's not official story, yes. But considering what I'm seeing so far with New Romulus, you guys are waiting 1 year for like 2 hours of story these days.