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11-24-2012, 07:01 PM
An Eng in a Sci running dual AtB, EPtA, and Energy Siphon is one of the buggier things out there... if you throw in an EPt DOFF - use EPSPT- slap on a MACO shield... well, it would be interesting to see the actual numbers instead of the 125s. Their formula will usually result in you having more AUX than you did originally - ignoring the drain...buggy. Of course, you'll want to carry AUX batteries, though. Because every now and again it will zero your AUX as well. It definitely needs a QA pass.

I wonder what that would have been like if I had the RMC or even when I picked up the EPM.

I run around in PUGland and gave up on healing. The majority of folks don't even redistribute their got to be too painful being that aware of what the folks on your own "team" were doing for me. You see the mistakes you used to make, the mistakes you still make from time to time... yeah, I wish all the healers the best - thanking them for the patience and tolerance that I sorely lack to get that job done.

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