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and i agree to all that but with a but how long can sto go with only geting out real content ones a year and now add what story to a fleet base aka rep system really i got to spend 2 + months to what get a 20 mins if that of story how is that fun the grind this rep system going to have me doing makes wow look less grindy and that is saying something i play more halo4 now because of the rep system for the last 2 season we have goting more grind system then real story
They've gotten out two seasons this year. That's more than most PWE games see. Personally I'd like to see more options for playable factions, but that sounds like a pipe dream. FFS, we have ships from more factions than are playable.

I mean, we have two factions at war with each other, and those individual factions at war with all of the other major factions.

Romulans have had a major upheaval in their storyline. What brought them to this point?

How about making the Borg playable, with missions that explain their origins and mission in the universe to assimilate damn near everything?

So many few seem to be implemented or even looked at. So yeah, I can see your point there.
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