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Originally Posted by amayakitsune View Post
Do you have any sort of proof that the Regent was based off of your ship? Did Cryptic say it was? No? Just your assumption? Oh good... I can ignore that then. Perhaps.... just maybe... the Regent was based off of this design sketch done for First Contact by the guy who designed the actual Enterprise-E:

Dont make assumptions that you cant prove.
You're the one whose making assumptions, k thx.

To ask someone to post legal documentation on the internet is just asking to get sued. So if the entry itself isn't convincing then I'm just not going to try to convince you. But even if you don't believe that Cryptic tweeked my design and turned it into the Regent, the goal of this thread still stands in a simple request for the Regent's dimensions to make an accurate MSD. One that would save Cryptic's art team time to create.

And BTW, there is zero resemblence with the Enterprise-E concept except the "Turkey Wings". Which they purposely brought back because fans wanted it.

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