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11-24-2012, 08:24 PM
It's always been three Foundry missions. All Daniel Stahl said was that in order to qualify, each one has to be at least 15 minutes long. There is nothing wrong with that; it's perfectly reasonable.

The foundry was not set up to be a quick dilithium grab, it was set up to tell stories of varying lengths. Attaching rewards is necessary to get more people to give it a try. Even players who enjoy stories first and foremost want to advance their characters in some way.

I think everything from short patrol/exploration style missions to marathon missions are good to have (although I'd like to see some of the really long ones broken up into smaller chunks, like the dev mission arcs).

If all you are using the Foundry for is a few quick clicks to get dilithium, then the Foundry probably isn't what you are looking for. It's a story system, not a dilithium grinder. Yes, I understand that the dilithium requirements for many things are 'way over the top, but I don't think you should look at the Foundry as the cure-all for that problem.