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unfortunately I DO know what a Mary Sue is... while YOU might see it as a Mary Sue ship until you can explain to me WHY its a Mary Sue ship ( the Vesta not my Build )... I will rebutt your assessment in this way... Anything the Vesta can do Some other ship in game can do the same job BETTER... but thats not a Mary Sue Ship.... that would be a ship that can do EVERYTHING... and do it better than most everything else in existance.... need to blacken the sky with fighters leave your Atrox at home boys the Vesta has that covered, Need to put out massive amounts of DPS... Leave your Bug behind guys Vesta has that covered too.... need to be able to take damage.... Leave your Cruisers in Spacedock guys the Vesta has that covered too.....

1: Vesta cannot compete with the DPS of an Escort in the hands of a Tac Captain period.
2: Vesta makes a Poor Excuse for a Carrier type ship
3: Vesta can be out tanked by a compitent engineer in a T5 Excelsior
4: Vesta as a science ship can be out classed by a Fleet Deep Space Science ship....

so from the Above Statements it seems clear that the Vesta is NOT a Mary Sue but more of a Jack of All Trades Master of None

I will appologise for the personal attack I have a reason and an excuse but that was still unacceptable....
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