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11-24-2012, 08:59 PM
I tested it on Tribble (iirc, it's still available for testing on that side, you may want to have a look for yourself before you buy).

The Bortasque accellerates like a city bus-with low tyre pressure, turning makes the Vo'quv look nimble, handling is akin to said city bus-with bad brakes.

Okay, that's all the bad news.

well..not all of it, since your cannons require you line up your shot, meaning that unless your target is as, or nearly as, immobile as you are, the bulk of your firepower is, for the most part, unavailable.

The GOOD news:

The bridge is a Palace, if you've ever seen the 1979 movie "The Black Hole", then as a basis for comparison the Bortasque bridge looks like the Cygnus. (Just needs a big, scary red floating robot)

Shields and hull are heavy and thick, this ship is built to take punishment-which is very good, since it lacks the ability to move sufficiently to avoid punishment.

For MY money, it was a loser-being unable to bring weapons to bear, manuever, or accellerate and without the ability to launch fighters to make up for it? a loser for me-not for other people...but for me. I suspect it handles much like the Oddy, so if you didn't like the Oddy, you're probably not going to care for the Bortasque.